Healthy snacking

Sliced Tomato with a sprinkle of Feta and Olive Oil H_snack_1

Lunch left something to be desired? This savory dish will make your taste buds happy.






 1 Cup air-popped popcornH_snack_2


Go ahead, nibble mindlessly as you zone out in front of Bravo.
Even if you’re watching trash, you won’t be eating it.




 1 Cup baby carrots with 2 tbsp hummusH_snack_3

The crunchy texture keeps choppers busy,
and tangy hummus feeds your need for comfort food.





 Biltong (Low Carb Diet)H_snack_4

When you must have meat,
chew on this low-cal, low-fat power snack.





 1 Tbsp peanuts and 2 tbsp dried cranberries


Toss together this pared-down trail mix and
pre-measure into plastic baggies.






1 Cup raspberries with 2 tbsp plain yogurt and 1 tsp honeyH_snack_6

This sweet mix does the job until you can break away

from your desk for a full meal.