Low GI products


DAIRY PRODUCTS (low fat 7 fat free-plain & sweetened): Buttermilk, custard (cooled) & Ultramel Lite; ice cream e.g. Country Fresh Lite, Diaby, Dialite, Wilfredo’s low GI low fat; milk, yoghurt, including drinking yoghurt (lite or dite is lower GL)CEREAL & PORRIDGE (lower GI with milk): Cereal & Muesli: Cereal: All-Bran Fruitful, All-Bran Hi-Fibre & Hi-Fibre Fruit & Oats ; Oatbix, ProNutro Whole Wheat (Original, Apple Bake & Honeymelt), Right Start Fibre Plus. Muesli: Absolute Organics low GI granola, Fine Form Muesli’s. Nature’s Source low GI Mixed Berry, Simply Cereals Balance, Apricaot & Peach, Thistlewood Cranberry, Vital. Porridge: Instant Porridge: All-Bran instant, Future Life (Regular, High Protein, Zero) Gluco-less, Skinny Oats(original, Strawberry) SPP Insta-Meal, Vitality Life. Other: Cupo’Oats, Instant oats (boxes, plain, Peach & Banana, Jungle-no creamer)oat bran – all brands (raw), oats (quick cooking & rolled, cooked)-all brands, Oats-so-easy Original (sachets, Jungle), mealiemeal (cooled), sorghum (acid added).

BREADS & CRACKERS: Breads & Rolls: Breads: Barley 50% kernel bread, Brown Plus & Digesta (Blue Ribbon), low GI Brown (Star bakery),low GI Cholesterol lowering (Woolworths),low GI Hi fibre Vital wheat (Star bakery),low GI Multigrain/-seed(Albany, Spar, Sunbake, Sasko, including cranberry, Rosehip & honeybush and Smooth, Wheatfields, Woolworths), low GI Oats and Honey(Sasko),low GI Whole Grain & Omega-3(Woolworths),low GI Seeded Brown(Albany),low GI Seed loaf(Duens, Sasko, Sunbake, Sunshine, Woolworths),low GI Soya & Linseed (Sasko, Sunbake, Woolworths),low GI Whole Wheat brown & Dumpie Brown(Sasko),low GI White(Albany, Blue Ribbon Fuel, Sasko),Ultima low GI low kj brown bread(Albany).Rye bread (Astoria, Woolworths): Fruit & Honey Whole Grain, Pumpernickel, Sunflower Seed Whole Grain, Volkorn. Bread pre-mixes: Ruto low GI Seed, South Bakels low GI Multigrain. Bread rolls: low GI Seeded Special Bread Buns (Sasko), Nature’s Valley low GI soya & Linseed (Sunbake).Crackers: Provita(Original & Multigrain),Global wraps(no filling),tortillas(corn & wheat).

STARCHES: Legumes: all dry, cooked & canned beans, chickpeas, lentils & peas, e.g. baked beans, bean sprouts (from mung beans),lupine, pinto and soya beans, peadhal, etc.;& their flours, e.g. chickpea (besan),lentil (urad),lupine,mung bean, pea(chana),split pea(dhal) and soya flour. Non-grains: bucketwheat, mesquite, quinoa, mesquite flour. Other Grains: barley(cracked & pearled), bulgar(cracked wheat),corn(whole, on the cob), mealiemeal, mealier ice & samp(cooled),semolina,sorghum(whole),wheat(pearled/stampkoring/weet-rice). Pasta: Fine Form, gnocchi, mung bean noodles, Puccini & all pasta made from durum wheat; soba noodles. Rice: Tastic Nature’s brown(Old Mill Stream) & white; Spekko (Americano, basmati,brown & long grain parboiled),wild rice, sushi(with sea weed).Root Vegetables:(ama) dumbe, cassava, Charisma low GI potato, sweet potato (purple skin). Werda Salads: Italia pasta e Fagiole, Samp & Bean, Spanish Vegetable Paella.

FRUIT: All berries: cranberries, strawberries, etc. Citrus: grapefruit, lemon, lime, naartjie, orange. Deciduous: apple, cherry, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, rhubarb. Other: fig, granadilla, guava, kiwi, grapes and mango (control portions), pomegranate, prickly pear, quince, rhubarb. Canned: all the above in juice, pie apples, pineapple in juice(Rhodes).Dried: all the above, unsweetened; dried apricots, Safari sugar free fruit flakes.Fruit bars: Montagu mixed fruit, Just Fruit(Safari, Fruit Break berry(Safari).Fruit Rolls: Safari-apricot, guava & mango(sweetened),berry(unsweetened).Fruit Juices(control portions): apple, fresh grapefruit and orange; lemon, pomegranate. Appletiser juices: Appletiser, Apple & Dragon fruit ,Mango & Mandarin, Peartiser. Ceres juices: Cloudy Apple & Pear, Passion fruit, Pineapple, Secrets of the Valley. Ceres Plus juices: Carrot and Pawpaw, Cranberry and Rooibos. Liquifruit juices: Mango/Orange, Peach/Orange. Quali Lite juices, Sir Juice juices. Apple, Raspberry & Rooibos, Apple Cranberry & Ginger and Apple pie juice.iStock_000020333152Small

VEGETABLES(low GL):Gherkins, all vegetables(fresh, cooked, canned & frozen)that are not intermediate/high GI,including Braai relish &Gourmet tomato &onion mix(Miami); tomato juice, Werda French Bean salad.

SNACKS & SUGARS: Snacks: Chestnuts, low GI biscuits (Thistlewood), rusks(Bospoort, Phyl’s Kitchen, Premium Low GI Multigrain and Raisins) & scones (sugarlite pre-mix);Nutren balance Bars; popcorn(low fat)-homemade, Just Popcorn(plain).Jam & Syrup: Marmalade(Seville),Naturlite fruit spreads, Rhodes fruit spreads, Thistlewood low GI compotes, jam & jam sweetened with sugar alcohols below, Weighless strawberry jam. Jelly: those sweetened with low GI sugars below. Pudding: instant pudding(low fat milk).Sugars: artificial sweeteners ,fructose(control portions), isomaltulose(Palatinose),lactose,polyfructose(inulin), Sugalite & sugar alchohols ,e.g.erythritol, isomalt, lactitol, maltitol, mannitol, polydextrose, polyglycitol, sorbitol, xylitol.

SWEETS: Boiled/jelly sweets sweetened with low GI sugars,Gingerbon sweets,Yottis Low GI Turkish Delight.

DRINKS: Bmax Tone-a-Lean, Diabetic Plus mini-meal-replacement,dairy/fruit juice blend(all flavours,Dairy Blend),Diabetorange,Maxidrate;Ensure,Glucerna SR;Lite drinkse.g.Chele Lite & Lite mineral waters e.g.Canderel,Nestle Pure Life,Panolca,Seltzer,Lite ice tea,e.g.Lipton,Nutri;sugar free cold drink,Mague Number 1,Mnandi Amahewu,Milo & Nesqick (in low fat/fat free milk);Nomu skinny hot chocolate,nucleo,Nutren Diabetics & Fibre; Nutri Shake(chocolate,vanilla),Replace Diabetic & Soy Shake (Nativa);Smoo milk shake(chocolate,strawberry & vanilla),soya milk & yoghurt (low fat);SPP Instadrink,soya milk,low fat,flavoured/plain,Sustagen,Tropika da Lite,Up ‘n Go ,Vitrace