Weight resistance

It is important to remember that when you start with weight resistance trainPilates.ing your weight loss might initially not be very fast. This is because, although you might be losing fat, you will be building muscle mass. Muscle is heavier than fat, but it is much more toned and not as flabby.

With weight resistance training you should exercise different muscle groups on different days.  For this reason we have conveniently divided our weight resistance exercises into upper body exercises, stomach exercises and lower body exercises.  The ideal is to do at least two sets of 15-20 repetitions of each exercise in the muscle group that you are exercising on a particular day.

You can turn your weight resistance exercises into a cardio workout by doing two minutes of all the exercises without taking a break in between.

A typical weekly workout could consist of five days of cardio combined with upper body exercises on the Monday, stomach exercises on the Wednesday and lower body exercises on the Friday.

Exercise for: